Wild dogs bite their necks, crocodiles bite their legs into their stomachs, and antelopes miraculously survived.

At the beginning of the video, the antelope can be seen after a long chase with a pack of wild dogs, stuck in the mud. It is being bitten by a wild dog, biting violently and there seems to be no way out.

With antelope, this is probably even worse. Falling into the “hands” of crocodiles in the situation of being completely trapped under the lagoon is probably something that any creature does not want.

However, the appearance of a second predator caused the wild dogs to flee. It was an adult alligator, apparently attracted by the noise it made.

But for unknown reasons, this crocodile was quite indifferent, not attacking its prey too aggressively. It just grabbed an antelope’s leg, then happened to watch its prey struggling in the water.

In fact, the crocodile immediately rushed over, grabbed the antelope carcass and began to drown it in the water. Even the pack of wild dogs did not believe that antelope could survive such circumstances. They quickly left to look for another target.

Even when the prey lost control and approached the shore, the crocodile still did not give chase. Perhaps, because he was too full after a previous “party” to ignore the antelope’s resistance.

With its last breath of strength, the antelope slowly crawled out of the water. After all, it miraculously survived the teeth of two of Africa’s most feared predators.