While relaxing on the shore, Crocodile was suddenly teased by the lions and had to run away in anger before being killed by the lions.

A proud lion was walking by a waterhole when he spotted a king crocodile just outside the water. The terrible war begins.

These two species are both incredible hunters and are known for their great tactics when it comes to taking down their prey. But crocodiles have terrible bite force and are capable of causing serious injury to lions if given the opportunity. These lions know that attacking this poor reptile will surely benefit them.


That moment a proud lion attacked a crocodile walking on land. We witnessed a male lion walking on a dirt road along a dam. The male lion met several cubs and they all continued on the path. They reached the tree stump where the crocodile was basking in the sun. Suddenly the male lion attacked the crocodile.

Lions attack crocodile walking on land | Lion vs Crocodile vs Leopard - YouTube

I was shocked that a lion would even think of confronting a crocodile. I wasn’t really worried about the crocodile – that was until the lion grabbed its hind leg and pulled it out of the water. The rest of the pride joined and continued to provoke and attack the crocodile.

In the end, the alligator managed to escape and I’m pretty sure we won’t see a lion kill the alligator. The crocodile swam away and the lions moved and lay down as if nothing had happened. I have never seen anything like this before.

We saw crocodiles the next day swimming in the dam, and friends who visited two weeks later confirmed that the queen was fine.