Unbelievable: Puma paid too much to lose his life while hunting the wrong Guanaco camel

Puma – or, depending on your nomenclature preference, mountain lion, cougar, lynx, or leopard – due to its inability to roar, is not “officially” classified as a cat. big.

However, this cat, which boasts the largest range of any large carnivore in the Western Hemisphere, actually outperforms the average for all other felines, with the exception of the clouded leopard. spotted, lion and tiger, and their soft, supple bodies make it a formidable game to hunt for its legitimacy.

Guanaco is the ancestor of the llama and alpaca species, which lived at high altitudes in the highlands of northwestern South America. Wool is obtained from its hair, but the wool of small alpacas is better. Guanaco can grow up to 120 cm (3 ft 11 in) tall at the shoulder.

Puma takes on Guanaco 3 Times Her Weight | Seven Worlds, One Planet | BBC  Earth - YouTube

After stalking for a while, Puma decided to attack, Guanaco now also knew of the impending danger and signaled his teammates to move to a safe place.

It knew it was standing quite close to the predator so it tried to run as fast as possible, but at the speed of the puma, it approached and easily jumped on the prey’s back.

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Guanaco camel is also very strong, it fights strongly, constantly swinging fatal blows that make the puma fall, the predator still does not give up and continuously pounces on prey, causing Guanaco’s feathers to fly everywhere.

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At this time, puma’s team came to help, but because Guanaco had a large body, it was difficult to beat quickly, so he was kicked repeatedly, causing it to be seriously injured.

she finally escaped from the merciless Puma herd, ran back to her pack, after this hunt the female puma was seriously injured, this is the price to pay for hunting the wrong Guanaco.