Two thieves meet with the same idea and then fight madly

Honey badger and honey badger are quite different in appearance but their personalities and slyness are indisputable. Those badgers are always calm in any situation and ready to unleash their hidden power.

A badger tries to teach a fox a lesson because it dares to rush forward and compete for food, which unexpectedly frightens the fox.  The wonderful video recorded and posted on Youtube is attracting a large number of viewers, many of whom have left very good comments about the war.

The badger was caught at a house in the woods trying to steal livestock feed and was discovered by a fox. The fox was also trying to get some food for himself, after eating the honey badger left and the fox came to enjoy the food.

But it was just a trick of the badger, which suddenly turned around and attacked the fox. The sudden attack left the fox unable to move and painfully leaving the fight.

The viral video has also attracted nearly 2 million views along with nearly 2m comments.