Turning danger into opportunity, Leopard resurrected from death by python and turned the situation around and ate the python

The dramatic battle between the giant python and the leopard took place in the Maasai Triangle Reserve, Kenya. The scene of a python attacking to try to eat a leopard caught the eye of an animal photographer. Eyewitnesses to the battle said the leopard would eventually be swallowed by the python because it was clamped and squeezed by the python.

The giant python discovered the leopard and attacked its prey, thinking it was a full meal but the results were completely unexpected.

However, in the moment of life and death, the leopard escaped from the python and bit back the python. Photographer Mike Welton, 28, was lucky enough to be present to capture this rare sight. The hunter eventually becomes the prey.

The leopard leapt into the air, slapping the python hard and biting off its head in the final blow, killing the python.

In the end, victory called the leopard’s name. Fatal wounds all over the body made the python unable to stand in the fight for survival and had to accept to become a meal for the victor.

It was fun to witness the leopard’s extremely agile hunting skills. This is probably the last time he misses his life,” added Mike.