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This is the heartbreaking story of a baby elephant seeking milk from its dying mother.

Villagers noticed a mother elephant and an emaciated baby elephant near a small river near the border of the forest for several days. The mother elephant is very thin and does not look healthy. She may have come out of the forest to seek help from people. But she fell to the ground without any energy left in her body. So the villagers informed wildlife officials about the elephant in distress.

Wildlife officials discovered that the mother’s mouth had been severely damaged by a trap that exploded its jaws. That is the cause of her severe depression. The wildlife protection officers did not give up, they tried their best to save the precious elephant.

They started to treat her. They gave the baby elephant physiological saline to help it regain lost energy. They also give antibiotics. But all in vain! They were too late to find her. They could only treat her for two days.

Injured Elephant mother let her baby to suckle Milk until her final breath |Mother's  love never fade - YouTube

The elephant may have starved to death in the forest long ago. Because she couldn’t eat food because her mouth was shot in the jaw by dynamite. Day by day, the deadly danger of this explosive haunts the innocent elephant more and more.

In the past two months, we have detected 8 cases of elephants with mouth injuries that became victims of explosives. Explosives are hidden inside food bags for the purpose of hunting wild boar. But unfortunately, vulnerable elephants are also becoming crippled because of these barbaric traps more and more.

The mother elephant is dying. Her innocent tender baby couldn’t understand what was going to happen. He didn’t know his mother was at the end of her life. He is looking for his mother’s warmth. The poor baby suckled the milk of his dying mother. The mother elephant, who is in pain and weak from hunger, still cares about her baby. Everyone was in tears when the ill-fated mother elephant lifted her leg to breastfeed her baby. It was a sad sight indeed.

I took care of you until my last breath, proving that my love never ends. A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. This is as true for elephants as it is for humans. How miserable is this poor mother? A mother may have worried a lot for her child even after she took her last breath. In the end, the poor animal passed away, losing all hope of wildlife officers and leaving the baby alone in the world.

An Elephant In My Kitchen

The poor child still did not know that his mother had passed away. The baby may think that the mother is fast asleep. The baby is constantly nudging the mother’s head and still trying to suckle to find the warmth from her dear mother. A kind employee tried to feed the child bottled milk. Finally, amid mournful sighs from villagers and wildlife officials, the dead elephant’s mother was buried. The poor child was taken from his mother by a barbaric act of man.

Wildlife officers carried the lone baby elephant to an elephant orphanage house. The staff in the orphanage wholeheartedly take care of the orphaned baby elephant. The poor baby will be raised and cared for there until adulthood. When the baby elephant reaches the stage where it can survive alone, they release it back into the forest.



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