Too suddenly, the hungry Lion risked his life to climb the tree to steal the leopard’s food and the end

A tourist has recorded extremely interesting images during a visit to Kruger National Park. This teacher recorded a lion trying to attack a leopard in a tree.

The lion almost got stuck in the tree because he dared to climb the tree to steal the leopard’s prey

The leopard killed an antelope and is currently holding it on a branch. And this is also the reason that lions try to attack leopards. The lion quickly climbs the tree to attack the jaguar to get the fat prey.

However, this plant is also a big challenge for soldiers. The lion had difficulty climbing, but he almost got caught in a tree branch.

Fortunately, the lion got out of the predicament and decided to give up the leopard’s prey.

The video above shows us that when we are hungry we can do anything even the most dangerous