Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Reckless and opportunistic, that’s what people say when it comes to hyenas. They won’t pass up any chance to get a bite to eat, and neither will this time. The hippopotamus was never a match for the hyenas, but when they discovered the ailing hippopotamus lying on the riverbank, they decided to move forward.

The scene of a hippo injured not lightly when confronted with a herd of wild hyenas has been recorded by tourists in Africa. The hippopotamus appeared to have a major health problem, the problem was so severe that it didn’t bother to react while the hyenas tried to tear it apart. Even so, hyenas also have difficulty when the skin of hippos is so thick that they cannot easily achieve their goals. The wounds on the body made the prey painful and unable to move. It’s pitiful when a sick hippo encounters a pack of dodgy hyenas, they won’t spare any prey once they’re their target.

.After only a few minutes, the hyenas quickly defeated a large, strong hippo. A strong animal now suffers defeat at the hands of cold-blooded predators. The hippopotamus is a semi-aquatic, half-terrestrial species, inhabiting the rivers, lakes and mangrove swamps of Africa. During the day, they immerse themselves in water or mud, to retain heat. They come ashore at night to eat grass. Even so, hippos are not a frequent target of hyenas. They only choose hippos as prey when force majeure.

Thus, despite being a large animal, sometimes hippos are also the choice of hungry hyenas. The short video that has attracted more than 3.3 million views and 1,021 comments captures the moment that makes viewers wonder about the bloody battle between hippos and hyenas.


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