Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Cats are adorable, charming, judging, and overall just running the internet with their crazy cat videos or charming cat pictures. Cats have an inevitable personality that seems to fit with most of them and make them do crazy things like chase a light or smack a plant around.

If you are a cat owner there is a high chance that you’ve witnessed your cat doing some really weird, crazy, or stupid things and maybe at this point, it is considered normal for you because cats can be well – weird. However, even the most experienced cat owners still can look at their cats and wonder “what is wrong with them?”

Cat posts are some of the most popular things on the internet just because cats are cuddly, cute, and mysterious which makes for great content. Many of us have found ourselves deep into the realm of cat videos and funny cat photos.

As usual, Reddit came to us with a multitude of photos within the category on Reddit named “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?” and people really jumped on this train. Cat photos were being sent in every second and so we’ve compiled 50 of these cat photos that will make you wonder “what is wrong with that cat?”

1. This Cat Trying To Get Someone To Answer The Door

2. The Look On Their Faces

3. My Cat Wouldn’t Stop Trying To Get Into Her Food Bag. I Put Her Food Into A Container Instead And This Is How I Found Her

4. At Least Someone Benefits From My Plant Dying

5. This Is Jack, He’s Available For Adoption. Unfortunately For Jack Everyone Thinks He’s An Alien

6. Her Favorite Way To Lay On The Couch

7. My Helpless Grandma Watches As Our Paper Towels Get Nommed

8. Spider Cat, Spider Cat

9. Waiter, Why Is My Beverage Licking Itself?

10. I Can Never Get A Normal Picture Of Him

11. Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Walk Around Barefoot

12. Caught My Cat Yawning While Tilting Her Head

13. My Cat Likes To Put Any And All Bags On His Head And Walk Around (Often Into Walls)

14. There Is No Cat In This Image

15. This Is A Common Occurrence. She Makes Too Many Friends

16. Mmmm Blanket

17. This Is My Weirdest Cat

18. What Apex Animal Is This

19. You Cannot Hide From Me, Catto

20. Samuel Goes Into Salivary Overdrive Every Single Time I Pet Him, And Only When I Pet Him. Which Is Often

21. Orange Kitty Lost The Single Brain Cell In The Middle Of Grooming

22. Are They Supposed To Have Tentacles?

23. I Can’t Believe He Got Those Ears To Fit

24. Sometimes I Think Cats Are Aliens In Disguise, Trying To Adjust To An Earthling World

25. My Sister Is A Vet Tech, She Snapped A Pic Of My Drugged Up Boy After His Dental.

26. “She’s Behind Me, Isn’t She?”

27. This Cat Is Plotting Something

28. Half Of Cat Stopped Working

29. Sandals Are His Favorite Toy.. Until He Gets Stuck And I Have To Save Him

30. He Really Didn’t Like The Smell Of Vitamin C

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