The wonderful moment of hens fighting with king cobras to protect the nest

Mothers, whether human or animal, would protect their children at any cost even if it means battling a fierce enemy. A similar video has emerged on social media, wherein a mother hen fights a fierce battle with a king cobra to save her chicks. The video is shared on Youtube by a user named WILD COBRA and it has already collected over 20 million views.

In the video, it can be seen that the king cobra approaches the chicks to eat them. In the meantime, the hen made a brave attempt to block its path and the chicks fluttered away.

The mother hen and the cobra have a very intense fight and the cobra tries to take down the mother hen and enjoy her cubs with the newborn ducks.

The hen, however, did not concede defeat and continued pecking the cobra until her chicks moved out of the enclosure safely. “Amazing!!!

When there was only one chick left, the mother chicken still rushed to the rescue and in the end all were out of danger. Motherhood is sacred and wonderful. The mother hen also successfully rescued the lovely ducklings.

The internet is emotional after watching the video as it has garnered more than 20 million views. “There’s nothing compared as mother’s love for her kids” a comment read.

A user also wrote, “I like how the mother hen came back for that last chick. Damn.. that courage is something else.”