The way grizzly bears do to compete for a mate is shown in…?

The grizzly bear (North American grizzly bear) lives mainly in North America. They are slightly larger in size and are especially aggressive than brown bears, it seems that these two bears did not meet by chance but “date” each other to the forest to settle a mate dispute.

This can be clearly seen in the clip, when they arrived at the rendezvous point, they began to growl, greet each other and then a fight broke out. The bear that appeared later, also the one in better form, took the initiative to strike first.

It stood up straight, using its own strength to hurl its opponent to the ground. Then try to use your sharp teeth to bite off the enemy’s head.

The brown bear is the second largest animal in the order of carnivores, after the polar bear and before the tiger. Adult male bears weigh about 400–600 kg and are 2.4–3 m long when upright. Female bears are much smaller in size.

Fortunately, this battle was not so one-on-one that none of the bears suffered too much damage.

The video posted on Youtube has attracted nearly 13 million views and thousands of comments: