Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

A 3-year-old gecko became the target of the viper, but it fought fiercely for its life. A West Natal viper plant that is not venomous to humans although mildly toxic to reptiles and other small animals has been found in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The snake spotted a very large, docile and combative Wahlberg Vulture Gecko (Homopholis wahlbergii) with a body length of about 15cm. After attacking the gecko on the rafters, the snake and its prey fell to the floor. Right at that moment, when the gecko retaliates.

The whole event lasted about 40 minutes. This is a heavily edited 10 minute clip of the event with most of the gecko survival battle shown and a VERY brief ending.

The gecko’s revenge is a natural and very clever response by clamping down on the snake’s mouth and holding the snake behind its head. Don’t ignore the gecko’s agility to avoid being bitten on the head.

The gecko used a fairly reasonable tactic when biting into the snake’s mouth, making it impossible for the predator to open its mouth to spit venom. But in the end, although the gecko resisted, the snake won when the seriously injured gecko gradually exhausted and became a meal for the snake.

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