The suffocating battle to rescue the cat from the python

The black cat, named Porsche, was heard meowing for help as the 10ft reptile coiled around him.

One of the workers went to see what was wrong, and called his colleagues for help on the site in Samut Prakan, central Thailand.

The cat, aged four, was under a bush with the deadly snake wrapped around him to suffocate him so it could eat him.

However, the brave workers prodded the snake with a large piece of wood, which caused it to unfurl in a fit of anger.

They then gently gave chest compressions to unconscious Porsche, cheering as he spluttered back into life and ran away to join his tabby cat friend.

Khun Srisawat, who recorded the encounter and helped revive the cat, said: ‘When we first arrived I was sure that the cat would die. The cat wasn’t moving and snakes are difficult to remove.

‘Thankfully the python let go very quickly. I could see there was still life in the cat’s eyes so I gave him a chest massage, the same as CPR, and it worked.

‘I was so happy when he woke up. I love the cat. His name’s Porsche and the workers in the camp take care of him.’

Porsche was taken back to the worker’s camp on the construction site and given a bowl of water and fresh fish. He was unharmed after the ordeal.