The sea battle of the kudu and the wild dog was played out in a dramatic and inconclusive way

A Kudu striped antelope fell into tragedy when surrounded by a pack of African wild dogs and had to run into the water for shelter. But carnivores don’t give up on this tempting prey so easily.

A very intelligent Kudu antelope runs into the water to reduce the attack of predators.

Wild dogs swam into the water to attack the victim, but one thing they didn’t expect, the Kudu antelope did not give up its precious life easily, it stubbornly resisted the bloodthirsty dogs.

With strength and will, antelope drowned those who wanted to eat them alive and stepped on wild dogs, causing hunters to panic.

Underwater is not an advantage for wild dogs because of their small size and poor swimming speed, so they are often submerged under water by the kudu. Although tenacious and did not give up easily, the wild dogs had to make concessions to keep the antelope alive.

Fortunately for the kudu antelope this time escaped death thanks to its intelligence and strong fighting strength.