The party of 20 hyenas was destroyed by the lions and this is also the time when hyenas hate lions

As usual, the hyenas head to the lion’s party at the Maasai Mara Reserve, Kenya. Solidarity and recklessness are two natures that make the hyenas sublimate in each robbery. They are aggressive, good at fighting, making many other predators afraid.

This time too, the lions quickly left, leaving their unfinished prey. However, as soon as the hyenas started eating, other lions rushed to them. The number of lions is now large enough for them to organize a counterattack.

The fierce pursuit of the lion caused the hyenas to run away. One of the unfortunate hyenas was bitten by three lions. Despite escaping with the help of fellow hyenas, the hyena still suffered many serious injuries. The hyenas were taught a life lesson by lions.

Order was restored when the lions regained their prey, the whole herd ate and drank before leaving, leaving the carcass as a meal for vultures, jackals, hyenas… After that, the lions seemed to have not yet left. vented his anger, turned around and attacked the hyena again.