Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Eagles have always been called the “lord of the sky” thanks to their speed, superior observation and hunting ability. Although rated as one of the most powerful and fearsome birds of prey in the natural world, not every eagle’s hunting trip is smooth.

One afternoon, the eagle was wandering around looking for prey. It spotted three cheetah cubs playing with their mother and decided to wait for an opportunity to attack. The eagle realized the time had come when the cubs roamed everywhere. Without the protection of the mother leopard, leopards are always the target of predators. It decided to swoop down and grab one of the three cubs alive. Thanks to its large body plus the ability to fly, the eagle easily used its sharp talons to grab a cub and lift it into the air. It chose to perch on a high branch to eat a full meal.

Seeing her poor child being murdered by the enemy, the mother chased her. When it arrived, the leopard was brutally killed by the eagle. The mother leopard climbed up the tree, pounced on the eagle to avenge her baby. Tragically, the eagle died from a moment of inattention and fell prey to the cheetah’s powerful jaws. However, the jaguar did not eat the eagle, but simply killed it before passing away peacefully. After a long hunt, the eagle lord was exhausted and could not escape the clutches of his mother.

Thus, the bloody battle between the killer eagle was wrong when choosing the target and was brutally killed by the killer leopard. The video has attracted more than 7.3 million views and 317 comments, capturing a thrilling moment that makes viewers feel pity for the fate of the cubs.


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