Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

A pack of wild dogs captured 2 calves in a stampede and a battle for survival ensued. This incredible sight takes place in a National Park in Zambia.

Wild dogs are often referred to as “terrestrial piranhas” as they tear their prey to pieces while it still tries to hide from them. Hunting in groups, they squeeze out their prey and begin tearing them apart as soon as the first member approaches the target.

Wild dogs often finish their prey within minutes, as they also have predators and competition to avoid. Wild dogs are highly social animals and each member of the pack has a chance to be fed. In this case, a pack of wild dogs hunted a young buffalo shortly after taking down an antelope.

After a successful knockdown and they devoured their meal then they relaxed a bit. Then they keep an eye on a herd of buffalo, and the hunt resumes! They target a young calf, and like wild dogs, they begin to hunt while it is still fighting for its life.

This is the second time I have witnessed jackals hunting buffalo. A pack of wild dogs rammed two wild buffaloes to death. They proceeded to kill one after another. Nowadays, wild dogs hunting buffalo has become a habit.

My advice is to always leave space for animals – in this case, give the dog space to hunt.

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