The mother bison would rather die than let her children get injured, fiercely fighting against the hungry wolves.

The bison is a large herbivore that lives in the Great Plains of North America. It always has to be on guard because at any time the gray wolf or the bear can attack and turn it into dinner. The video below is an example of this

A pack of wolves with excellent discipline and smart, effective hunting tactics chased the bison and her son away. Its strategy is that with its endurance, they will chase the calf until it is exhausted and left behind. And that’s when they debuted

When attacked by wolves, the Bisons fled. Although frightened by the attack of predators, the mother bison gathered up the courage to fight.

The wolves organized a siege to attack the cubs, the mother bison had to work very hard to protect her young child from the aggression and bloodthirsty of the wolves. After many attempts to chase the Bisons, it was not easy for the wolves to give up their intention of eating the calf.

The wolves kept trying to separate the baby bison from its mother. But the mother bison is very vigilant and does not let them get trapped.

In the end, the wolves had to give up. The video has garnered 2.5 million views and 7.1 thousand likes on YouTube. Click the following link to watch the full video: