The mother abandoned her cub and he fought bravely with two lions, even though he was not old enough to fight, but still had to die.

Another clip as a true footage of the cruelty of nature. However, before we follow up, we also need to know this is something that cannot be changed and needs to be normalized

Herd of zebras grazing on the green steppe. 2 lions also appeared nearby. They are also looking for food for their dinner. It is not difficult for them to catch a young zebra left behind.

The remaining zebras saw the captured child but made no effort to help. The poor baby zebra realizes that only it can save itself. It began to struggle and let out incessant screams.

Thanks to its small size and agility, it escaped the lion’s claws. But soon, the lion caught it again without any effort.Not For Sensitive Viewers* | Lions Kill Zebra Foal - YouTube

It is not difficult for us to predict the outcome of young zebras. But we can also see how bravely he fought. The video has reached more than 300 thousand views and 1.4 thousand likes on YouTube. Click the following link to watch the full video: