The Marabou stork cunningly lures the vulture to the water’s edge, causing it to be torn apart by the crocodile

Living in the same habitat, competition is inevitable between species. In which the most fierce and frequent occurrence is probably the competition for food between animals. There are animals that choose to attack directly, but there are also species that use someone else’s hand to destroy the enemy. For example, in the clip below.

The main characters in the story are two expert scavengers, the Marabou stork and the vulture. As in the clip below, the Marabou stork used a ruse to push the vulture to its death.

The scene in the video clip of two flocks of Marabou storks and vultures were drinking water together at a riverbank. This alarmed the crocodile, the owner of this area. With the killer instinct in his body, it knew the opportunity to hunt had come and quietly hid in the water, moving closer to the lucrative prey.

The Marabou stork, the leader of the group, sensed the presence of a predator. It immediately pushed the little vulture that was drinking water at the riverside away. True to what was calculated, the crocodile of course did not ignore the prey easily, its work was completed after just one basic attack.

Crocodile vs Bird at Water's Edge - YouTube

So, Marabou completely overcame the vultures with his cunning but without any effort

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