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Dubbed the most fearsome predator in the jungle, however, it is not always easy for lions to “bully” other animals, especially in case it chooses animals. The largest on land is the prey.

Of all the big animals in Africa, elephants are perhaps the most unpredictable.

Pride of The Lions Made The Grave Mistake of Killing The Elephant Lord's Son

That’s because it’s rare for an animal to be both large and intelligent; sometimes meek and virtuous, ready to extend his hand to help and protect vulnerable animals from the claws of dangerous hunting animals; At times, he was madly angry, able to defeat any animal in sight.

The pride of the lions Mαde The grave mistake of killing the son of the Elephant Lord

Voi con dũng mãnh đánh đuổi 14 sư tử đói - Báo Người lao động

The birth of the elephant prince caught the attention of the lions, The old years passed and the lions always sought to destroy the baby elephants and the time has come, is this the end for elephants? Watch the video and feel…

WαTCH: Pride of The Lions Mαde The Grαve Misαke of Killing Son of the Elephant Lord

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