Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

The video opens with a male lion crouching in the grass to watch a hippo roam the shore. Usually, both hippos and lions will move in packs. However, in this video, two animals are caught up in a battle for survival and they are the only “players”.

According to the description of the video, this hippo appears to be engrossed in feeding on the shore. Perhaps due to the scarcity of food in the dry season, it had to leave the river bank to find food far from the shore.

The hippopotamus’ reckless decision was immediately punished, when it encountered the lion – the most feared predator on the African grasslands. When the male lion charged, the hippopotamus did not even detect the presence of the enemy even when it was very close.

The hippo’s hesitation surprised even the lion. It froze for a moment. But when the prey ran away, the lion still caught the momentum and easily defeated the hippo with a fatal bite to the neck.

Hippos live in the freshwater rivers and lakes of Africa. They are considered the strongest species in the waters of the black continent, even the famous Nile crocodile is often bullied by them.

In addition, having to leave their favorite environment also causes hippos to lose their territorial nature – which makes them aggressive and dangerous. When food is scarce in the dry season, hippos can feed from 4 km – 10 km from the riverbank.

When attacked by a lion, the only way for the hippo to save itself was to quickly escape into the water, but when the lion prevented it from entering the water, the hippo was now left to die. Even so, hippos are not a frequent target of lions. They only choose hippos as prey when force majeure.

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