The hunting steps of the male tiger are shown when the wild boar is trying to find food, which is when it must die.

To be able to catch a scene of a tiger hunting a wild boar is extremely rare and to return is almost impossible. Because tigers in the wild are heavily poached and also because tigers don’t usually hunt tough animals like wild boar.

In the video, a fierce tiger is lying in the distance and observing the movement of a wild boar. It carefully moves its tail around the grass to not make a sound. When it sees a favorable opportunity, it immediately rushes to attack.

With outstanding strength plus the use of sharp claws and teeth, the tiger was easy. However, because the pig is so strong, the tiger has many difficulties in finishing the prey.

However, after struggling for a while, the wild boar still could not escape the death sentence.Wild boars are fast-reproducing and herd animals. They have two large, hard and sharp fangs. This is a powerful weapon that helps them to defend themselves and fight enemies.

When in danger, wild boar often chooses to be silent to diversion, if not, shout loudly to intimidate the enemy and quickly run into the deep forest, but rarely attack. Only when they are on the same road or in pain do they become aggressive, ready to fight madly.

The video posted on Youtube by BBC Earth attracted nearly 6 million views and thousands of comments: