The giant forest elephant vented his anger on the buffalo and brutally tortured the buffalo.

A tourist has captured the horrifying moment an elephant gores a buffalo while it lies carefree on a grassy plane in South Africa.

The footage was shot near Mopani in Kruger National Park in South Africa and shows an innocent brown buffalo minding his business in the grass as it gets up and starts to run away from an elephant. grazing. hurry to come.

The elephant can be seen rushing towards the buffalo, stabbing its long tusk into the animal as it hits the ground.

When this is happening, a tourist can be heard saying, “Oh no, what the hell is that?”

The buffalo seemed unable to move, lying motionless on the ground as the elephant continued to attack its prey by lifting the creature with its tusks and launching it into the air.

Elephant stabs buffalo in vicious attack

As the buffalo tried to break free from the tight encirclement, another visitor could hear voices saying, “that buffalo is over”.

The tusk monster continued to stab a few more times to finish off the buffalo, returning victorious.

Elephant is like a friendly giant.