Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

A terrifying video has surfaced on the internet showing a feral cat trying to escape the grip of a python in Las Lajitas, Argentina.

A terrifying video has surfaced on the internet showing a feral cat struggling to break free from a python’s grip. The incident is believed to have happened in Las Lajitas, Salta in northwestern Argentina. Through the video, the snake can be seen wrapped around the American jaguar, a small wild cat right in the middle of the road. The cat can be seen struggling to get out of the snake’s grip.

The video was shared by ranger Sole Rojas. Rojas told the media how locals saved the cat’s life by unpacking the snake. Rojas added that two other people were also involved in the rescue. He added that the two managed to free the non-venomous python and release the animal. Locals are said to have succeeded in freeing the feral cat from the snake ring. The 50-second video has garnered 676 views.

In another similar incident, visitors to Masai Mara National Park in Africa witnessed a terrifying battle for survival between pythons and leopards. The initial battle begins with the two keeping an eye on an antelope, a medium-sized antelope found in the area. However, the big cat was taken aback when the python decided to pounce on it. The cheetah was initially caught off guard. However, it managed to escape the python’s clutches by jumping wildly into the air.

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The whole incident was captured by photographer Mike Welton, 28, who happened to be at the scene. He managed to capture the film as it unfolded. The battle for survival lasted 15 minutes as onlookers stood there, glued to the scene unfolding before their eyes. It was nothing more than a life and death battle. Mike added that they all took a moment to think about how horrible it would be to witness such a beautiful creature like a leopard being killed like this. He said the python’s grip was terrible. He added that it was ‘disgusting’ to imagine the poor leopard dying that way.

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