Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

In nature, there are scenes that happen that are unbelievable. Amateur videographers have captured a herd of elephants trying to save a wild buffalo that was eaten by a lion on the road.

Specifically, a buffalo was captured by a herd of lions while wandering in the territory of the lion herd. The buffalo was then dragged out by the lions and brutally killed.

They began to enjoy the party, brutally tearing the buffalo carcass. However, not long after eating, a herd of elephants appeared.

The huge herd of elephants saw the lion eating the wild buffalo, and they rushed to attack the lion. The leader of the herd bravely rushed to gouge the lion out of the buffalo carcass.

The elephant then tried to shake the buffalo to see if it was still alive to save it, but unfortunately, the buffalo lost its life.

When the elephant saw that the buffalo was dead, he left and continued his journey with the herd. Meanwhile, the lions rushed in and continued to eat wild buffalo meat.

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