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The battles for survival in the wilderness are extremely fierce, with many intense battles that can take place in a few days. Zebras and lions are always engaged in such fascinating battles. The lion organized a hunt near the river and he caught a zebra for dinner. But the fight of the lion is not easy when the zebra is a real warrior.

Taking advantage of the chaos, the hunter managed to capture an adult zebra. Although biting on the neck of the prey, the lion fell into a low position when the zebra pressed down on the ground. After struggling for a while, the zebra decided to counterattack by biting the lion’s leg. Being hit by a painful blow, the predator is stunned, immediately letting go of the prey. Taking advantage of this loophole, the zebra jumped up and ran and luckily escaped death by a narrow margin.

The zebra is a very special breed of horse that lives in the savannas and savannas of Africa. Unlike its brothers, the zebra has a black and white coat, arranged in stripes from head to toe. This animal has a “secret weapon” that is a powerful rear kick, which can break the jaws of a predator if it foolishly stands within reach.

Lion vs Zebra - Lioness drowns Zebra - YouTube

Meanwhile, lions are known as one of the notorious predators. Thanks to their inherent strength, plus sharp teeth and claws, they often hunt and kill large animals. Zebras entrenched in the river and caused a lot of trouble for the lions. A lion risked his life to plunge into the river intending to duel a zebra. The lion tries to climb onto the zebra’s back and knock it down, the zebra always can’t run away when its feet are covered in mud.

The zebra fought for a long time from afternoon until late at night and fell before the lion’s patience. Then the lion herds the zebra to shore and enjoys a late supper.

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