The battle between the bear and the bison and the end of the bison brutally frozen by the lake in Yellowstone National Park

Home to the largest concentration of mammals in the United States, Yellowstone Plains National Park is one of the best places in North America to see large carnivores in action.

On the afternoon of May 31, visitors to the park – which had only recently reopened in limited numbers following closures related to COVID-19 – witnessed an exceptional predation. . . . . rarely. : a grizzly bear kills a bison. Michael Daus attempted to capture cell phone footage of the encounter that took place along the Firehole River at the trailhead in Yellowstone’s Midway geyser basin

Bear And Bison Fight At Yellowstone National Park - YouTube

Initially attacked by the young bison, the grizzly eventually wrestled with its victim from behind, tearing the bison’s back as it staggered. The couple struggled, staggered across the bridge over the river and then pulled themselves into the water. Finally, the grizzly bear moved his huge quarry along the riverbank. Park staff later moved the carcass, citing its proximity to parking lots and trails.

According to Daus, the attack lasted about 17 minutes. It certainly made an impression. “For it to happen close and relatively safe given the situation we’re in,” he told the Billings Gazette, “it’s a treat.”

Bear vs bison: Dramatic footage shows Yellowstone grizzly taking down a  bison | Predator vs Prey | Earth Touch News

The Yellowstone grizzly bear is one of the most carnivorous North American inland brown bears, reflecting in part the abundance and diversity of large ungulates in the Rocky Mountain highlands. this. However, animal protein for bears also comes in every form, from kangaroos and shedding salmon to ants and army caterpillars, the Greater Yellowstone grizzly that feeds on austere mountain slopes. on the forest path in summer.

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The two most important large animals for the Yellowstone grizzly bear, which are very high in calories, are the elk and the bison. They are often fed to livestock, a particularly important source of protein in the spring to produce thin “silver heads” (such as sometimes called hibiscus) from their winter nests. . In the 1990s, gray wolves brought back to Yellowstone were also turned into gray demons, due to being passed on by wolves; Grizzlies, especially large males, often dominate wolves and aggressively destroy them.

But Yellowstone grizzly bears may be ungulates in their own right. They are particularly adept at hunting elk in late spring and early summer: methodically searching for newborns, plunging into a herd of elk in an ambush. at explosive speed and sometimes checking the swarm at high speed in search of young