Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

A protective mother rabbit fought a large black snake as it tried to eat its young – before engaging it in an epic battle. It opens with a large black snake wrapped around helpless rabbits, who can only see the fur underneath the reptile. .

After a moment of calm, the rabbit attacked the snake again as it dashed into the grass. attacks.

Whenever the snake tries to slide to safety, the rabbit heats up on its tail, furiously running after it across the lawn in what appears to be a residential house. being pulled back by the mother rabbit, who is engaged in another frenzied mess.

Suddenly, it seemed that the snake had gained the upper hand – it seemed to have bitten the rabbit, causing it to perform an upside down maneuver in the air. it was free again.

Mother Rabbit Fights Big Black Snake To Protect Its Baby Bunnies | Bored  Panda

It has been suggested that the clip was shot in the US or India, but its exact context is unknown. Try to wrap this rabbit up early.

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