Spending an hour waiting for the kudu to drink water caught off guard The lion rushed to kill it only took 10 seconds

In the grasslands of Africa, the lion is known to be one of the most feared predators. With outstanding strength and excellent coordination ability among members of the herd, they are capable of killing very large prey such as zebras, buffaloes, elephants…

The video was recorded by filmmakers in the Kalahari Desert. Specifically, less than an hour after breakfast, the lionesses with an important position in the herd discovered a new opportunity, an opportunity not to be missed.

With no way to hide, the lioness tries a new tactic. When the water evaporates and recedes, the animals have to bury their heads very low in the trench to rise to the surface, obscuring their view.

When the lion saw the kudu’s eyes hidden in the trench, the lion began to act, it quickly moved quickly to its prey.

The fatal bite on the neck of the kudu antelope causes the prey to quickly fall.