Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Unlike snakes, pythons are super-large reptiles, although they are not venomous like snakes, but they have tremendous power. This is an extremely aggressive python, ready to attack anything that moves in front of their eyes. Even an animal a few times bigger than them could not escape death when they were entangled.

The terrifying scene when the African rock python strangled to death and swallowed the poor baby antelope, recorded by a photographer present in Africa was very impressive and true. However, when it came to the area, the cry was heard. tragically, they saw a female impala staring down at the ground. Looking at the pained gaze of the mother antelope, a baby antelope can be seen lying motionless, wrapped around the small antelope is a giant rock python at least 4m long. The giant rock python calmly enjoys pleasure, it squeezes the prey until the baby antelope softens the bones. After killing the prey, make sure that every muscle joint of the baby antelope is broken.

The giant rock python decided to bite the head of its prey, pulling it into a more secluded place to proceed with swallowing and digestion. Standing watching the baby antelope being bitten by the giant rock python, the mother antelope was heartbroken but helpless. In the wild, the giant rock pythons and snakes suffocate the gentle animals with their hooves. like antelope, deer, deer… happen a lot. Although it is a tragedy for gentle animals, it is a natural law of survival. Just ignore, even for a brief second, the gentle herbivores will be delicious prey for the cold-blooded beasts to eat.

Thus, the hunting battle took place extremely fiercely between the giant python and the poor antelope. The short video has attracted more than 228 views and 156 comments, recording the scene that made the viewers terrified. Sometimes in nature, it only takes a minute of neglect to lose a life in an instant.


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