Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Thanks to their large size, sharp teeth and claws, lions easily become one of the most feared predators across the African grasslands. This is also why they are nicknamed the Lord of the Meadow. The fierce bloody battle between the lion king and the strong buffalo, who will win the battle?

A short clip shared on social networks captures the terrifying battle between a wild buffalo and a male lion in the African national reserve. When the wild buffalo was discovered alone, the male lion immediately rushed to attack. The male lion seemed to have been starved for many days. However, it decided to use the little remaining strength to hunt an adult buffalo. After that, the lion quickly tried to bite the buffalo’s nose, causing the opponent to suffocate. The choice was unwise. made the lion pay, when it was quickly defeated. However, the buffalo was too strong for the lion to successfully carry out his plan.

Not only that, the buffalo also went back to butcher the lion. Not only could not defeat the prey, the lion also received many painful blows from the buffalo’s sharp horns, causing it to be seriously injured and lying on the ground. The impact was so strong that the lion was thrown into the air. After falling, the lion was badly injured and could not get up. Meanwhile, the buffalo also stopped for a moment to consider the situation. Finally, the buffalo decided to leave, leaving the predator lying on the verge of death. The fight this time does not seem to be favorable for the lion when it is subjected to brutal tortures from its prey.

Thus, a bloody battle took place between a large and strong buffalo and a hungry lion, causing the king of the forest to receive a valuable lesson when attacking buffalo. The short video has attracted more than 2.5 million views and 775 comments, capturing the moment that makes everyone admire the great power of the giant leopard cubs.


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