Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

A lone jaguar lurks as two antelopes ram each other and attack. The jaguar jumps onto the back of one of the two antelopes in an intense battle. The antelope that was suddenly attacked by a jaguar jumped back.

After focusing on the target for a while, the leopard decided to attack. With the decisiveness and recklessness of a world-class predator in the wild, the leopard defeated an antelope that weighed three times its own body.

Surpassing the victory, the remaining antelope attacks in a rush, knocking down both the opponent and the remaining antelope. The jaguar was thrown from the battle, in pain and panic.

It ran away in the flames. Deciding to attack antelope while they are in combat is a bad decision.

Thought this was an opportunity, but unexpectedly met with disaster. The jaguar learned a valuable lesson about timing during this hunt. Next time, it won’t make this mistake again.

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