Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

The quick-witted jackals find a way to separate the buffalo herd to easily capture 5 young calves during the chaos.

The video has attracted millions of views and comments about the creepy scene that happened at a wildlife sanctuary.

The herd of wild buffalo with the number of more than 50 animals was looking for food when suddenly from afar a pack of wild dogs about 20 children also rushed nearby.

The jackals began to attack, they rushed to separate the buffalo herd to kill the weak ones.

The buffaloes panicked and separated from the herd. Taking this opportunity, the jackals captured young wild buffaloes. 5 wild dogs form a circle to catch the buffalo and kill it.

Five young wild buffaloes were quickly killed. The buffalo herd was helpless in front of the hungry jackals, only watching from afar, watching the buffalo cubs screaming and being torn mercilessly.

The battle for survival in the wild natural world is inherently extremely fierce for any animal. That is the law of survival.


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