Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

In the wild, tigers have one of the highest success rates of hunting. They hunt with a clear strategy of stalking and pouncing rather than attacking directly, killing like lions. The video captures the scene, a deer wandering alone without knowing that behind it is a bloodthirsty striped tiger silently following.

Seeing the opportunity to come, the king cobra rushed up like a bolt of lightning, biting the deer’s hind legs, causing it to be extremely painful and screaming.

Just a minute of carelessness and subjectivity, the poor deer had to pay the price with his life, becoming the bloody dinner of the tiger zebra.

Seeing the deer’s weak resistance, the tiger decided to complete the hunt by biting the deer’s neck, drinking the poor animal’s blood and severing its lifeline as quickly as possible.

It then carries its prey to a safe place and enjoys its delicious meal for the whole child.

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