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For ground birds, the snake in the top 10 most venomous snakes in the world is just weak prey.

Rattlesnakes live mainly in the Americas. This snake is known as one of the most venomous killers in the reptile world. The rattlesnake’s venom can paralyze the nervous system of its prey and kill them in minutes.


The bell on this snake’s tail is a warning to weak prey to quickly run away if you don’t want to receive a painful death. However, for ground-dwelling birds, the ringing of bells is nothing more than a tempting invitation.

Greater Roadrunner Battles Snake

The family legacy belongs to a breed of rooster native to North America. Although they can fly, this bird spends most of its time underground. They walk very fast, can reach speeds of 42km/h.

Roadrunner Battles with Rattlesnake - License, download or print for £18.60  | Photos | Picfair

These steps are a means of running away from predators, and also an effective way to become a professional hunter. In particular, ground birds have a very rough way of killing prey. Touch the prey and smash to the ground to death.

Greater Roadrunner Battles Snake | Birds&More | Flickr

Rattlesnakes are virtually defenseless against this brutal attack. It didn’t take long for the rattlesnake to fit inside the bird’s belly. For birds, rattlesnakes are only weak prey.

The amazing video has been posted on YouTube in many different versions and has received tens of millions of views.

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