Rescue Kitten Is Now The Best Friend Of The Family Dog. They Are Inseparable

A kitten rescued from the street has decided to be the best friend of the dog in the house. He is a little thing that is not afraid of anything, not even the big dog of 10 years old that lives in the house of his new family.


Bear is a charming kitten that caught the attention of a couple in High Point, North Carolina, who through Instagram found that the little fellow was looking for a home and they could be the ones to adopt him.

The furry little one was found by the Sparkle Cat Rescue group, who took him in temporarily. They cared for him until he was stable and began jumping, hopping and playing freely in his temporary room. When they saw his attitude, they knew it was time to find a new family for him.

It was at this point that Kelsey and Kasey saw him on social networks and fell in love with the little guy. They wanted to take him home and they did. The kitten was also happy for his new home and especially his new furry friend.

“Even with his small size, Bear is not afraid. He ran to Riley (the dog) and started playing with his ears. It was so much fun to see this little piece of skin (the ear) covering him,” Kelsey said.

From the moment he got to his new house he let the dog know they were going to be good friends, so he started following him around, spending time together. When he was very young, he would start playing with the dog’s paws and ears to show his affection.

And Riley, as a good pet, accepted the kitten without doubts and with much love. “He will be 11 years old in September. I’ve had cats all my life, so he’s very kind to other animals,” added Kelsey.

From that moment on, Bear always looks for his furry friend to cuddle with, take a nap with or just play with, because they are best friends.