Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

With remarkable strength and speed, the eagle is the most feared predator of all birds. Dubbed “The Lord of the Sky”, the eagle even had the audacity to attack a bear a hundred times bigger than it. The dramatic battle between the eagle and the bear took place.

An incredible video of a brown bear fighting an eagle has been recounted by a tourist while visiting a national park in Africa. When they saw the mother brown bear and her cubs leisurely eating the carcass of a dead whale washed ashore, the pair of eagles landed and was about to get some whale meat for a meal. However, one of the two aggressive eagles accidentally teased and hurt the cubs. The mother bear was very angry when the eagle dared to hurt her baby and slapped the eagle so hard that it caused the eagle to die. The eagle could not move and fell to the ground.

However, the slap was so strong that the eagle broke its back completely and lay motionless, unable to fly, unable to walk. Soon, it would surely prey on other hunters. Most are just dramatic chases and eagles often use to tease brown bears. This time, perhaps the eagles learned a life-long lesson and died after a fatal slap from the giant bear. The brown bear is the largest of the bears, with large, curved claws. Brown bears are omnivores and their diet varies by season and location. Food mainly consists of fruit, grass, salmon, insects, small mammals and carcasses of dead animals.

Thus, the fierce battle between brown bear and eagle, the predator suddenly lost his life at the hand of the giant bear. The short video that has attracted more than 195 views and 21 comments captures the moment that makes viewers feel sorry for the eagle’s fate when confronting the ferocious brown bear.

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