Photographer Captures Dogs’ Funny Expressions While Catching Treats

Recently, hilarious photographer Christian Vieler started to share some of his specialized dog photos — and we can’t get enough. You see, he captures dogs in that split second moment when they are feeling the most joyous, the most excited, and snatching treats out of the air.

Now, if you own a dog, you know that treat time is their very favorite time ever. Well, this hilarious photographer got the message and decided to try to capture that moment.

As you can see, the photos turned out even better than you might have thought.

Each photo captures a broader range of emotions than anyone could have predicted.

In each photo, you can see the dogs are either excited, nervous, or confused.

One thing most of the photos have in common is that the dogs are super excited to get their treat.

Well, most of them are excited, anyway, with a few of them looking utterly bewildered.

Vieler has been taking these photographs of dogs since 2013.

Recently, the hilarious photographer put a collection together and released a book called Treat.

Now that people are catching on, both of Vieler’s social media accounts are hugely popular.

It’s no wonder, with each photograph you find yourself transported and caught in that glorious moment we all love to see so much.

Here at Animals Being Cute we can’t seem to get enough of these photos.

Here’s another one in case you feel the same way:

Now, of course, if you want, you could always try to snap a photo like this one your own.

However, without a super nice camera and the right lighting, your photos may not look quite this good.

We know one thing for sure — we can’t seem to get enough.

“Now, I work with dogs everyday,” said Vieler. “Photographing them is just the half of the work. To get good results, understanding and interacting with them is a very important part of my job. So I can say that this whole “Treat“ project hasn’t only brought me closer to dogs – dogs are my 24/7 life now!”

“I’ve worked as a professional dog photographer since 2016, so I am in a really lucky position,” explained Vieler. “The cutest models find me, because clients make their appointments. But I search for for special breeds or kind of dogs, when I have new topics and ideas in mind, for example the variation ‘Puppies catching treats.’”

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