Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

The wild world with many surprises awaits, a wild fight full of surprises has been recorded on the streets of Thailand and is spreading all over the social networking sites.

An intense and engaging battle between two animals of similar size. Viper and lizard in the video have really convinced viewers about the fight.

Tokay gecko lizard escapes from snake - Buy, Sell or Upload Video Content  with Newsflare

This is the playful moment of a lizard playing dead to escape the snake’s jaws.

A cheerful tokay gecko was caught by a yellow venomous snake earlier this month in Bangkok, Thailand.

Tokay gecko lizard escapes from snake - video Dailymotion

As the snake wraps around the lizard, it begins to bite its lip to slowly zap it with poison before swallowing it whole in the hole.

But when the reptile turned its back for a moment, the distracted gecko fled boldly.

Snake And Tokay Gecko Wrapped Round Post - YouTube

Interesting footage shows the lizard quickly running away from the pursuing snake, slithering down the road.

The snake then accepts defeat and turns back while the victorious lizard flees. Left the snake a lifelong lesson on how to hunt

Snake vs Gecko - YouTube

Onlooker Tong Fuller, 45, a taxi driver, said: “The snake ate the lizard but it took a while.

“No one helps the lizard because it is only natural, snakes have to eat.

“But the lizard is a little smarter than the snake. It is free when your opponent is not looking. It’s not time to eat yet. ”

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