Miracle: Stoat’s speed successfully hunted a rabbit 4 times its size

We often see battles from large animals or large animals with smaller prey. But today’s video is an extremely rare one. It recorded a scene of a small chair hunting rabbits

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Looking at the video, we can see the rabbit is 4 times the size of the chair, but the rabbit is completely weak in this fight. Looks like this is a pretty aggressive chair.

Stoat chased the rabbit a long way. Not long after, he stooped to catch up and clung to the rabbit’s neck. The rabbit was screaming in terror. He tried to run away, but the stool tightened around his neck. Instinctively, it knows the neck is where rabbits are most vulnerable

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In the end, the rabbit could not resist and fell to the ground. Because the rabbit is quite large, stooping can’t be killed immediately, it takes a while to kill.

The video compliments the incredible endurance of a small animal. This fascinating video has reached nearly 18 million views on YouTube. Click the link below so you don’t miss out: