Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

This African land is a famous battlefield. The lions are the gladiators that have fought here for centuries. An arid open land with large-sized prey. The lions here must be bad music tactics. Here only assassins can survive. Dramatic hunt between the lion king and wildebeest.

A recorded video shows a wildebeest being controlled by a lion, and seems to only know how to lie down to die. When everyone thought about a tragic end for the ill-fated prey, suddenly it rose strongly, making it extremely difficult for the lion to hold on. With a strong will, wildebeest showed I was not an easy prey, when I tried to fight back fiercely, I threw the lion despite the fact that it was being planted by the enemy with its teeth in its neck. Its efforts eventually sent the lion flying after a while of fighting. Knowing that she could not run away, the wildebeest rushed forward.

With the sharp horns of the antelope heading towards the lion, there was no choice but to run away. At this point, the antelope quietly retreated. Although they are herbivores and gentle, shy, but wildebeest are very strong, can make lions hate when intending to attack. In particular, the horns are rare weapons that wildebeest bestowed by mother nature. Their horns extend outward, then curve upwards. Thanks to these horns, wildebeest can choose to attack in self-defense, instead of running away like other herbivores.

Thus, with its quickness and courage, the wildebeest quickly escaped the siege of the bloodthirsty predator. The video has attracted more than 6.6 views capturing the moment that made the tourists present. not believe it to be true.


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