Leopards perform a 15m high space jump to instantly knock down their prey

It’s great when you get to explore the wild world and witness first-hand footage of the leopard’s hunting and hunting skills. Leopards are said to be the world’s wildest predators, and they often surprise people with viral footage of them hunting.

Leopards stalked the antelopes for quite a long time before targeting their prey and rushing out to attack. This is not easy prey and if not careful the leopard will regret the choice to attack the whole herd.

After a while ambush antelope in a tall tree and wait for the arrival of prey. The antelopes gradually appear and at that time the leopard just needs to choose the best prey to attack. The leopard made a jump from a height of more than 5m to the ground and quickly grabbed an antelope, the other antelopes, not knowing what happened, were happily eating grass.

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In less than 3 seconds, the poor antelope was controlled and received a fatal blow to the neck. The leopard quickly moves its prey to the wild to enjoy its meal.

The incredible video isn’t the first to be captured, leopards are always the protagonists of viral footage and antelopes are always the leopard’s favorite pitiful prey.