Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

The leopard family is very hungry, today’s hunt is an opportunity for the mother to teach her cubs how to hunt, but the mother leopard will hunt better when alone and let the cubs observe and learn.

It soon saw its prey, an impala was targeted by it, the attack was very fast, the jaguar rushed at a speed too fast for the impala to react.

The jaguar lunged forward and took a fatal bite in the grass and the impala didn’t have time to react, but fell into the jaguar’s hand. But when the war happened, it caused a great noise and the surrounding enemies were always hungry and very curious about such things.

A hyena appeared out of nowhere right behind the jaguar without its knowledge, approaching it almost intending to grab its prey.

The jaguar confronts the hyena, but this is a difficult battle when the jaguar both accelerates and uses a lot of strength to defeat the hyena, if it confronts it, it will be very dangerous.

The hyena rushed to attack the jaguar baring its teeth threateningly but not enough attractiveness of the prey, so the hyena decided to play dry.

The jaguar had to bitterly leave to give the bait to the lemur in regret and bitterness when the cubs were waiting for food from their mother.

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