Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

A wild dog and a hyena drag a baby out of a laboring antelope after predators cornered the poor antelope! Nature can be cruel, but fortunately for the antelope, a quick death put an end to her suffering. This extremely rare moment took place in Kruger National Park.

Jackals and spotted hyenas are two of the most ferocious predators in Africa. They don’t hesitate to do what they can, as quickly as possible, when the opportunity presents itself. Competing with lions and leopards contributes to their haste when it comes to an easy meal.

Although both are seen in the bush, often together, it is rare for the two species to eat the same meal without fighting. However, this is the case when a pack of wild dogs and hyenas hunt the same antelope!

The 37-year-old field guide, was fortunate enough to witness this scene unfold and shared the story with me:

I was walking around the camp when I heard a loud noise. I ran to the fence to see what was causing all the devastation and saw wild dogs knocking down an antelope. The only thing I had on me was my cell phone, so of course, I started recording!

A spotted hyena soon appeared and the pack of wild dogs accepted the stealthy scavenger’s presence and allowed him to join the meal without fighting. They ate the antelope until the hyena friends joined and took down the pack of wild dogs. Of course, hyenas can hunt their own prey but are notorious for scavenging from other predators.

It’s a huge adrenaline rush and extremely rare! My advice to any wildlife enthusiast is to capture that moment on film and enjoy it!

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