Impala helplessly lay still while the wild dogs tore the baby in the belly

Wild dogs in the wild are pack animals and ruthless predators. The prey that fell into the hands of the feral dogs mostly suffered a tragic end and accepted a slow ending

The wild dogs ripped the impala's back end to shreds whilst it was still  alive. SOUTH LUANGWA NATIONAL PARK, NAMIBIA: WATCH the brutal moment a pack  o Stock Photo - Alamy

A poor stray dog ​​unfortunately fell into that situation when surrounded by a pack of hungry wild dogs.

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The video is being uploaded to Youtube and goes viral on social media sites, a lot of controversial comments have occurred and it makes the video go viral even more.
An Impala falls into the hands of a pack of wild dogs and out of habit, they will eat the Impala’s tail first, then the whole body. At these times, Impala comes to his senses and feels pain.

But nothing hurt more than when Impala was pregnant and the stray dogs caused Impala the most pain when stealing the newborn baby and eating the baby right there.
The eyes filled with the pain of loss of Impala, who had lost both her life and her unborn child.

Wild nature is really too cruel and pregnant animals need to be better protected by their fellow human beings and also by humans.