Images of cuddling cats and dogs to make your day better

Pictures of dogs and cats cuddling. It’s so simple you may even think it’s meaningless and unhelpful.

HOWEVER, science is on our side with this idea. There have been TONS of studies showing that even the simple act of petting animals lowers stress levels and your blood pressure.

And more studies have shown that having a pet cat or dog can benefit your health across the board. They can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and even help improve cardiovascular health.

While these do revolve around physical interaction with animals, we figure looking at extremely cute animals cuddling can help even if it’s minuscule. Basically, we’re focused on the idea that “anything helps right now.”

So, give yourself a minute, take some deep breaths to help slow down, and enjoy these 20 pictures we snagged from r/KittyPupperLove on Reddit of sweet kitties and puppers cuddling. It’s for your own good.

1. Caught hugging, and looking a little guilty

2. From my experience, this cat must adore their dog companion to be their bed

3. This giant floof is a literal PUPPY and the kitty loves her new heated blanket shaped puppy

4. This looks like they were caught in a forbidden embrace

5. The biggest cuddle! You can hardly see the kitten

6. Nap time cuddles

7. A sweet nuzzle while napping

8. A “vicious” pitbull murdering with love

9. The comfiest of pillows

10. And the comfiest of beds

11. Kitten grooming her puppers

12. That’s her baby and no one will convince her otherwise

13. Cheek to cheek cheesin’

14. Shib looks like they’re holding their cat, as if to say, “my kitter”

15. This sweet pup has eagerly taken on the role of Mama to their new kitten

16. This cuddle sandwich is even cuter knowing the pup has taken on the role of surrogate dad to the kittens

17. This puppy is so happy their tail is a blur

18. An intimate moment caught on camera

19. An exciting moment for the owner, when the two finally share affection

20. This looks like a lazy Sunday afternoon cuddle-sesh

Well, did this little cuteness break help at all? Were you able to enjoy a few moments in blissful cuteness, and not worry about the chaos that is our world right now?

I hope so because you deserve a break, even a brief moment of happiness. Let us know what you think in the comment section below, and share a smile with your friends and family by sharing this with them!