Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

The cheetah may be the fastest carnivore on the planet, but it’s not the scariest. Compared to feline relatives such as lions, tigers or leopards, leopards are much inferior in size and strength. In addition, this leopard specializes in hunting alone, so it will certainly have many difficulties when being attacked by prey.

In the video, the leopards do not intend to hunt, but just want to walk in the middle of the grassland. However, the presence of predators near the herd is certainly not what wildebeest would like. Herds of herbivores flocked to surround the leopard, deliberately provocative to intimidate predators.

The leopard initially tried to fight back, but realized the enemy was too large and decided to retreat. Gaining the advantage, the antelope herd is more aggressive, more fiery, determined to chase and destroy the cheetah.

Obviously, the leopard is fast enough to escape the antelope’s pursuit, but it also has to “howl” because of the aggression of the herbivore.

This is also the first life lesson for leopards who despised their enemies and received a bitter ending.

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