Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

We assure you that these cat memes will help you get through the boredom in your life. You definitely won’t regret going through these memes that we have collected just for you.

Scroll down below to start having some actual fun.

1. Guns don’t kill people.

Cats do.

2. Social distancing becomes easy when it’s this comfortable

Cats get it

3. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive.

Everybody needs toilet rolls…to play

4. When you need a roll but already look like one.

Get in the basket!!!

5. How we all thought we’d get through this…

Vs how we’ve all been since… I don’t even know how many months. Comfort comes first.

6. Laugh at your own jokes? Please tell us again how many friends do you have?

If my calculations are correct, then none. We thought so!

7. ‘This is not what I ordered!!’

Just let your hooman deal with this.

8. Also when you have to return to college after a ‘calm’ year…

Nobody dares to say a word.

These cat memes are getting funnier…and very accurate, we must add. It’s surprising how you’re only here for memes that are related to cats but turns out it pretty much sums up our lives in the quarantine as well. So how about you keep scrolling to see some more hilarious cat memes that are also super relatable.

9. Guess what time it is.

Time to get a new haircut. This pretty boy is a good one.

10. Ain’t nobody got time for summer body.

Chonky is the new sexy.

11. You can’t get annoyed if you don’t let things bother you, right?

Dis cat don’t understand!!

12. ‘I axcept paymint. Cash or Tuna?’

Hey, keep the change.

13. When you don’t wanna socialize and send your cat with a message.

At least this cat can help. Nothing better than that!

14. When you return to work after months

‘Stop that will ya? You’re annoying me’.

15. Since the cat wouldn’t agree. I’ll do the honors…

That face says something else…

16. How I try to convince myself to study what I’ve been missing for months.

But the cat is not convinced..yet! Neither am I.

17. When you wake up from a nap and don’t know what year it is.

18. Damn, that’s gonna be tough.

OK, so here’s the deal. We gotta split chores.

19. We shall salute you!

…if you cats behave well.

Damnnn! These were some of the most realistic cat memes that we’ve seen in a while. And truthfully speaking, they were pretty hilarious. Hey is the quarantine over yet because we’re having some fun? Oh no, it was just these memes that brightened our day. That was pretty cool huh? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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