Funny jaguar hangs his own bait on a high tree and then has to hang himself to get the prey down after many hours

During a tour of Kruger Park, a reporter witnessed a rare sight. The reporter did not forget to capture this memorable moment and share it on social networks.

In the video, the jaguar is suspended from a tree branch as it tries to cling to the carcass of its prey. Leopards often have the habit of bringing their spoils to a tall tree to preserve and eat there. They do this to keep the fruits of their labor safe, preventing other species such as hyenas and wild dogs from approaching and robbing their prey.

The jaguar will continue to return to its natural “repository” on the tall branches until the prey has been eaten by them. However, in the video that Roho Ya Chui shared, it is not clear why the jaguar wants to bring the bait to the ground.

Ironically, the deer carcass stuck on the tree branch could not move, the leopard because trying to pull the body to the ground was suspended from the branch.

The next morning, the tour group returned to check, only a little venison, leopard and most of the pig carcasses remained on the branch.